Mark Bishop

Test Platform

April 2016

This is a test website that presents information that is being developed and may have errors.

These is no adult content on this site.

The IP address, ISP, and time of visit are logged for each site visitor. No other Personally Identifiable Information is collected. It does not offer any cookies. It has no third party trackers.

No financial transactions are conducted and no products or services are advertized or offered in commerce.

This site has no login pages, SSL pages, or server side applications except that php is used to articulate common features on multiple pages (headers, footers, etc). A single, client-side, open-source java viewer for molecules, JMol, is used.

Please advise the webmaster of concerns by emailing mbatmark-bishopdotnet.

In the interest of accessability, the html in on this site is entirely W3C compliant.

ID may be exposed